Social media optimization

Social Media optimization refers to creating a brand of the company using social media, and making people aware of the various products and services sold by the company. Social network marketing is very effective when it comes to increase the customer base.
We provide SMO services in following areas:
1)  Promotion on Facebook – We promote your product and services on Facebook, create pages, communities and applications, to take public attention, and then engage them in conversations about you and your business.
2) Promotion on Twitter – We create a page for your, with all true details of your business, give constant tweets, create authentic followers, and get the air flowing between millions of twitter users about your business.
3) Promotion on LinkedIn – We create targeted customers, and give you an edge over your competitors on social networks.
4) Forum Marketing – We help you become an active member of the most sought after forums of web. We take care that the forums selected are of your niche only.
5) Distribution on Press release –Press release is an important tool, when it comes to marketing, it should be creative, attention grabbing, yet subtle in approach. We help your business, by distributing the new about your product or service on various news portals.